Saturday, April 2, 2011


March 11, 2011, a series of massive earthquake and tsunami hit Eastern Japan.  As of today, 11,200 died, and over 15,000 missing.

I am originally from Japan, and currently reside in southern California, US.
I heard news about this earthquake on streaming TV on internet in the night of March 10, and it was just unreal.  After three weeks from the initial attack of earthquake and tsunamis, the situation with nuclear power plants and the condition at shelters are not improved, and people's anticipation are still not eased.

I started this blog for the purpose of sending messages and news to the world, because there are huge number of "untold" stories in Japan and around the world, which we all need to know.

I have never studied journalism, but I know the power of it.
I will try to send accurate news as possible.
And hope we all come together after this tragedy which I now feel one of the worst in human being history.

Thank you.

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