Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Nurse's Note vol.1 "To The Damaged Area"

A blog written by a Japanese nurse became popular to Japanese people who didn't know the situation in damaged area, by twitter and other SNS in Japan.

She is a nurse who works in Tokyo, and after March 11, 2011, she was always thinking of what she could do for earthquake and tsunami victims.  Her hospital formed emergency response medical team to support people at shelters in damaged areas on March 15, 2011, and she joined the first group which stayed in various locations during March 16 to 23.

The first entry was "To The Damaged Area", starting on March 15, when the team was formed and she was selected to join as the first team.

She joined a meeting to prepare for what's waiting for them in the area.  No need to pack money, or purse, just be prepared to work without sleep or meals, and the bathrooms are primarily for evacuees.
A leader of nurse team said, "the situation in the area is much more severe than you think.  If you are not ready for it, please don't come.  No crying.  We are not there for sympathy.  We are going to supply medical care. Our tears have no help."
She called her friends and family to get distracted on that night, and told them what she's going to do for the next one week.  Her mother was affected by earthquake, but told her that everybody in the family are safe, and her daughter should be helping others at this time.

She did not get much sleep that night, and the next morning came.

She mentioned the reason why she posted her experience on the blog.
She thought people needed to know what she saw, and thought in the damaged areas.

I really appreciate that she took her time and put her thoughts in words. Not only me, but also a lot of Japanese people thought this message is important.
I agree with them and wanted to write this in English so that more people can see what is actually going on today, at this moment.

Continued to volume 2: "Me At First Day".


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